1. World Rankings of Australian Universities

Australian universities are strongly represented in world university rankings.

  • Australia has anywhere between 3 and 7 of the world's top 100 universities (depending on the ranking system).
  • Many other Australian universities rank in the top 500 or top 1000.

The table shows survey rankings of QS (also see Times), academic research rankings of Shanghai ARWU and the web publishing rankings of Webometrics.

Why world rankings are flawed

Although we have reproduced world rankings, we caution against using them for comparing universities. World rankings rely on opinion surveys and research publication stats.

  • World rankings don't consider student ratings or graduate salaries for example (since they can't be compared across countries).
  • They really just measure academic prestige and how much research universities publish (see university rankings explained).
  • High ranking universities are not necessarily good for students.
Updated: 6 October 2015

2. Australian University Rankings

The most reliable Australian university rankings are from Uni Reviews Australia. They use Australian data on course ratings and graduate salaries. University performance is measured in a balanced way that focuses on education quality.

Universities are rated on 3 performance indicators. Scores are added to get overall rankings.


Repute is measured by how well a university has done in world university rankings.

  • It is an indicator of the esteem in which a university is held by academics and broader society.
  • A high world ranking suggests a degree from the uni may be highly regarded by employers.


Ratings is a measure of course satisfaction reported in the Australian Graduate Survey.

  • Course satisfaction is the % of students who felt positively about their overall course experience.
  • Unis with high ratings are good at keeping students happy.


Results is a salary measure that mathematically combines observed salaries, rates of further study, and unemployment.

  • The results indicator quantifies how well graduates are going shortly after finishing their degree.

Further detail about the ranking methodology is available from Uni Reviews Australia rankings.

Updated: 8 October 2015