List of Australian universities by size (student numbers)

UniversityStudents ('000)Int'l ('000)On campus ('000)
Australian Catholic University30.82.827.4
Australian National University22.36.222.0
Bond University5.01.85.0
Charles Darwin University10.52.44.8
Charles Sturt University38.77.516.1
Curtin University48.415.240.8
Deakin University51.38.337.8
Edith Cowan University25.14.319.7
Federation University Australia14.87.114.3
Flinders University23.64.420.6
Griffith University44.28.141.1
James Cook University20.85.718.7
La Trobe University35.47.934.0
Macquarie University39.48.236.0
Monash University69.425.763.6
Murdoch University22.69.719.8
Queensland University of Technology47.37.642.4
RMIT University59.426.358.6
Southern Cross University13.42.28.0
Swinburne University of Technology36.88.522.4
Torrens University Australia0.90.20.2
University of Adelaide26.46.826.1
University of Canberra16.43.915.8
University of Divinity1.60.11.4
University of Melbourne57.817.857.0
University of New England20.90.94.0
University of New South Wales52.313.249.9
University of Newcastle32.14.926.7
University of Notre Dame Australia10.90.110.8
University of Queensland49.511.848.0
University of South Australia30.45.624.6
University of Southern Queensland24.94.27.4
University of Sydney57.615.355.9
University of Tasmania31.55.319.5
University of Technology Sydney39.410.238.8
University of the Sunshine Coast11.21.211.1
University of Western Australia25.14.825.0
University of Wollongong30.312.429.4
Victoria University26.49.225.9
Western Sydney University43.84.542.7
List making university student.

The list shows that, by size (student numbers), Monash is Australia's largest university, with close to 70,000 students. 1.366 million people studied for degrees with Australian universities in 2015. Of these, 349,000 were international students. 85% of students attended classes on campus (15% were doing online courses).

Student Numbers by Subject (Bachelor Degrees)

The following lists show student numbers (with graduate outcomes) by popular subject.

  • The stats are for bachelor-degree students and graduates.
  • Enrollment stats (indicating program size) are from uCube (2015 data).
  • Graduate job and course outcomes are from the Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015 results).

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

UniversityStudentsEmployed %Studying %Neither %
Australian Catholic University632156358
Australian National University1287263343
Bond University1771532225
Charles Darwin University204581190
Charles Sturt University904981109
Curtin University733465287
Deakin University1380260355
Edith Cowan University4406612415
Federation University Australia1438521830
Flinders University7803513119
Griffith University9872543017
James Cook University4110543214
La Trobe University740056440
Macquarie University19502632116
Monash University1750657412
Murdoch University5659652114
Queensland University of Technology7916672113
RMIT University458857376
Southern Cross University2584661520
Swinburne University of Technology6778512921
University of Adelaide5891364718
University of Canberra3404591823
University of Divinity158886140
University of Melbourne1179859410
University of New England8130711712
University of New South Wales1155469266
University of Newcastle531449429
University of Notre Dame Australia2647532621
University of Queensland1262859319
University of South Australia352961337
University of Southern Queensland358675250
University of Sydney1607451418
University of Tasmania587948457
University of Technology Sydney469272919
University of the Sunshine Coast2286372242
University of Western Australia500761372
University of Wollongong518659410
Victoria University5196444313
Western Sydney University1330651490

Arts degree numbers

Students = number of undergraduate (bachelor degree) students enrolled in Society and Culture courses.

Employed, Studying and Neither percentages = job status of Humanities and Social Sciences bachelor students within 6 months of graduating (sourced from Graduate Destinations Survey).

Bachelor of Arts

The BA today is made up of subjects with origins in the humanities; history, literature, languages and philosophy and the disciplines developed during the 19th century... social sciences; cultural studies, sociology and politics.

Business, Commerce and Management

Business SchoolStudentsEmployed %Studying %Neither %
Australian Catholic University250660733
Australian National University224478175
Bond University64973189
Charles Darwin University88084610
Charles Sturt University49928848
Curtin University1161869823
Deakin University8781711118
Edith Cowan University303668923
Federation University Australia308971821
Flinders University1336611029
Griffith University9583701120
James Cook University3181751015
La Trobe University6706641323
Macquarie University6396721018
Monash University13810721316
Murdoch University663763928
Queensland University of Technology8758761015
RMIT University21050701120
Southern Cross University273882711
Swinburne University of Technology9484701020
University of Adelaide3235642610
University of Canberra394276816
University of Melbourne552977230
University of New England14338687
University of New South Wales737282117
University of Newcastle303374215
University of Notre Dame Australia100077716
University of Queensland6648751411
University of South Australia516475818
University of Southern Queensland36008785
University of Sydney448377230
University of Tasmania4967761311
University of Technology Sydney832873919
University of the Sunshine Coast159769625
University of Western Australia4145741610
University of Wollongong691181109
Victoria University9261561133
Western Sydney University8664661123

Business degree numbers

Students = number of undergraduate (bachelor degree) students enrolled in Management and Commerce courses.

Employed, Studying and Neither percentages = job status of Business and Management bachelor students within 6 months of graduating (sourced from Graduate Destinations Survey).

Business studies

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will have the knowledge and ability to work as specialist business professionals... The degree offers diverse core units in first year before specialising, so that students have the flexibility to determine what business career they wish to pursue.


Engineering SchoolStudentsEmployed %Studying %Neither %
Australian National University1256
Charles Darwin University5739640
Curtin University675672325
Deakin University2167741116
Edith Cowan University1659671320
Federation University Australia6499460
Flinders University75667727
Griffith University275566826
James Cook University68979138
La Trobe University75274917
Macquarie University672
Monash University6864761212
Murdoch University65872523
Queensland University of Technology453377815
RMIT University8516662312
Southern Cross University72
Swinburne University of Technology5873741214
University of Adelaide4259711118
University of Canberra73
University of Melbourne306363370
University of New England78
University of New South Wales1232181712
University of Newcastle274383711
University of Queensland586778715
University of South Australia2585691715
University of Southern Queensland43159640
University of Sydney5702761113
University of Tasmania1742761410
University of Technology Sydney509780516
University of the Sunshine Coast40877024
University of Western Australia189675250
University of Wollongong30948974
Victoria University109861930
Western Sydney University201874720

Engineering degree numbers

Students = number of undergraduate (bachelor degree) students enrolled in Engineering and Related Technologies courses.

Employed, Studying and Neither percentages = job status of Engineering bachelor students within 6 months of graduating (sourced from Graduate Destinations Survey).

Engineering training

As new industries and technologies emerge, engineers are expected to be more versatile – able to work internationally and across traditional engineering disciplines. Our multidisciplinary approach prepares you to design sustainable and creative solutions.


UniversityStudentsEmployed %Studying %Neither %
Australian Catholic University111
Australian National University317263370
Bond University128275123
Charles Darwin University24779210
Charles Sturt University127970227
Curtin University379862344
Deakin University2620454411
Edith Cowan University928403525
Federation University Australia77359348
Flinders University2106364321
Griffith University270245560
James Cook University1834493912
La Trobe University273546505
Macquarie University3454523216
Monash University941845532
Murdoch University3566593110
Queensland University of Technology266260400
RMIT University3096463816
Southern Cross University56771
Swinburne University of Technology1374533710
University of Adelaide339753470
University of Canberra102162353
University of Melbourne1143048520
University of New England167161327
University of New South Wales672467330
University of Newcastle1966444313
University of Notre Dame Australia23354
University of Queensland818160400
University of South Australia116168320
University of Southern Queensland156771290
University of Sydney663550500
University of Tasmania194444507
University of Technology Sydney3977404416
University of the Sunshine Coast994513217
University of Western Australia908453470
University of Wollongong230658420
Victoria University471335412
Western Sydney University3564423918

Science degree numbers

Students = number of undergraduate (bachelor degree) students enrolled in Natural and Physical Sciences courses.

Employed, Studying and Neither percentages = job status of Science bachelor students within 6 months of graduating (sourced from Graduate Destinations Survey).

Bachelor of Science

Because science is broad, you’ll have the opportunity to major in one, or even two, areas that particularly interest you. You’ll also be able to study non-science units that feed your curiosity.

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