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Australian Universities is dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about their education. We publish independent reporting, data journalism, and advice to provide trustworthy information for students.


We operate in the public interest, ensuring our content is accurate, fair, and thorough. Our practices are guided by ethical journalism principles, maintaining editorial independence.


We ensure transparency about our sources, providing direct links to original research and reputable organisations. Authors are clearly identified with their credentials and affiliations.

Conflicts of Interest

Our primary allegiance is to the public. We avoid conflicts of interest by not letting financial relationships influence our coverage. Our content is driven by what is newsworthy and beneficial to our readers, not by advertisers.

Verification and Fact-Checking

Content is thoroughly edited and fact-checked by multiple editors. Reporters provide accurate information and backup sources, ensuring credibility before publication.

Corrections Policy and Procedure

We correct errors promptly. Alleged errors are investigated and verified, with approved corrections posted at the end of articles or slideshows. Corrections and clarifications are also updated in our archives and issued to licensees.


We update older stories with new information and note these updates in the content. Some content may be removed or redirected to more recent articles if necessary.

Editorial Standards

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All contributors, including staff, freelancers, and bloggers, adhere to the same ethical and editorial standards.

Education content

Our content helps students research, apply to, and pay for education. We cover ATAR scores, tuition fees, campus life, entry requirements, and international student needs with accuracy and neutrality.

International students

We provide essential information for international students, covering language requirements and adapting to the Australian education system to ensure a smooth transition.


We continually update our site with the latest information to support students' academic decisions and success in their educational journey.