1. World Rankings of Australian Universities

Australian universities are strongly represented in world university rankings.

  • Australia has 4-6 of the world's top 100 universities (depending on the ranking system).
  • Many other Australian universities rank in the top 500 or top 1000.

The table shows survey rankings of QS (also see Times), academic research rankings of Shanghai ARWU and the web publishing rankings of Webometrics.

Aust rankUniversityQS worldShanghaiWebometrics
1University of Melbourne424069
2University of Queensland515573
3Australian National University227789
4University of Sydney4682107
5University of New South Wales4912691
6Monash University6579198
7University of Western Australia10296186
8University of Adelaide125126162
9Macquarie University247251321
10Queensland University of Technology276251350
11Curtin University306251326
12University of Technology Sydney193351373
13University of Wollongong218351350
15Deakin University355251417
16University of Newcastle245351428
17Griffith University336351371
18University of Tasmania370251445
20RMIT University252451389
22James Cook University340251541
23University of South Australia288487
14La Trobe University386351478
19Flinders University576351559
21Western Sydney University576351602
24Murdoch University526675
25University of New England809655
26Swinburne University of Technology4464511311
27Victoria University676797
29University of Canberra576951
28Charles Sturt University809748
32University of Southern Queensland809801
30Edith Cowan University809805
33Bond University4661293
34Charles Darwin University5761187
35Australian Catholic University8091020
36Southern Cross University1054
37Federation University Australia1526
38University of the Sunshine Coast1535
39University of Notre Dame Australia1826
40University of Divinity13882
41Torrens University Australia14505

Why world rankings are flawed

Although we have reproduced world rankings, we caution against using them for comparing universities. World rankings rely on opinion surveys and research publication stats.

  • World rankings don't consider student ratings or graduate salaries for example (since they can't be compared across countries).
  • They really just measure academic prestige and how much research universities publish (see university rankings explained).
  • High ranking universities are not necessarily good for students.

2. Australian University Rankings

The most reliable Australian university rankings are from Uni Reviews Australia. They use Australian data on course ratings and graduate salaries. University performance is measured in a balanced way that focuses on education quality.

Universities are rated on 3 performance indicators (reputation, ratings, results). Scores are added to get overall rankings.

RankUniversityWorld rankingGrad satisfactionAdj grad salary
1University of Melbourne5083%$58,853
2Australian National University6382%$53,015
3University of Wollongong30685%$52,120
4University of Western Australia12878%$58,809
5University of Adelaide13881%$54,634
6University of Queensland6082%$49,752
7Deakin University34184%$49,265
8Griffith University35385%$48,531
9University of Newcastle34183%$49,629
10Monash University11481%$48,041
11Queensland University of Technology29283%$47,548
12University of Sydney7878%$50,046
13Bond University88089%$49,204
14University of New England73286%$48,958
15University of New South Wales8978%$50,424
16James Cook University37780%$53,404
17University of Notre Dame Australia182687%$53,662
18University of Tasmania35579%$53,475
19Macquarie University27382%$45,797
20Curtin University29481%$48,383
21University of South Australia38881%$48,012
22University of Southern Queensland80581%$52,191
23University of Technology Sydney30681%$44,106
24University of the Sunshine Coast153587%$47,046
25Edith Cowan University80784%$47,572
26Flinders University49581%$47,234
27University of Canberra76479%$52,297
28Australian Catholic University91582%$50,804
30Charles Sturt University77979%$51,022
31Federation University Australia152683%$49,366
32Murdoch University60179%$47,855
33Victoria University73777%$51,492
34Swinburne University of Technology73681%$45,531
35Western Sydney University51079%$47,035
36La Trobe University40575%$48,801
37Charles Darwin University88276%$53,676
38University of Divinity1388286%$42,589
39RMIT University36479%$42,053
40Southern Cross University105480%$47,728

Ranking components


Reputation is measured by how well a university has done in world university rankings.

  • World rankings indicate the esteem of a university among academics and broader society.
  • A high ranking suggests a degree from the uni may be highly regarded by employers.


Ratings is course satisfaction among students, as reported in the Australian Graduate Survey. Course satisfaction is measured as the % of students who felt positively about their course experience overall.


Results is a salary measure that mathematically combines observed salaries, rates of further study, and unemployment. The indicative salary quantifies how well graduate careers are going shortly degree completion.

3. Student Satisfaction with University Courses

% of graduates with positive satisfaction rating

UniversityBachelor coursesGraduate programs
Australian Catholic University83.0%80.5%
Australian National University80.5%84.5%
Bond University90.1%86.9%
Charles Darwin University78.1%71.7%
Charles Sturt University77.2%82.5%
Curtin University79.8%81.9%
Deakin University83.3%85.4%
Edith Cowan University85.9%81.3%
Federation University Australia84.0%80.6%
Flinders University80.6%82.0%
Griffith University84.7%85.0%
James Cook University80.3%80.0%
La Trobe University74.9%76.6%
Macquarie University79.8%86.8%
Monash University80.4%82.7%
Murdoch University79.6%78.4%
Queensland University of Technology82.3%84.0%
RMIT University78.1%79.8%
Southern Cross University77.9%82.9%
Swinburne University of Technology80.4%83.4%
University of Adelaide80.5%81.9%
University of Canberra78.6%79.1%
University of Divinity83.8%90.9%
University of Melbourne81.3%86.1%
University of New England84.8%88.6%
University of New South Wales76.3%80.9%
University of Newcastle82.6%85.1%
University of Notre Dame Australia88.5%83.7%
University of Queensland81.0%85.0%
University of South Australia79.7%83.3%
University of Southern Queensland80.7%80.8%
University of Sydney77.0%81.1%
University of Tasmania77.7%82.0%
University of Technology Sydney79.2%83.8%
University of the Sunshine Coast88.2%85.3%
University of Western Australia75.0%83.0%
University of Wollongong83.9%88.4%
Victoria University74.8%82.2%
Western Sydney University77.7%81.1%

For satisfaction ratings by study area (e.g. business, arts), see rankings by subject.

Australian university graduates have high satisfaction rates. Around 82% are happy with their course overall.

  • Graduates are surveyed some months after finishing a course.
  • Over 2015 and 2016, the top university for bachelor-program satisfaction was Bond (90.1%).
  • For postgraduate study, the leading mainstream university was UNE (88.6% satisfaction).

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