University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia (UWA) is a prestigious university located close to the Perth CBD.

  • UWA is a sought-after study destination for Perth school leavers.
  • Graduates receive close to the best starting salaries in Australia.


About UWA

Students: 24,136

  • Indicative ATAR: 80
  • Bachelor of Science: 7,195
  • International students: 5,362

Cities with an UWA campus

Perth (Crawley, Claremont), Albany

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is widely regarded as one of the leading universities in Australia and one of the best universities in the world.

Crawley Campus

The main campus of UWA is located in Crawley, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The campus is spread over an area of approximately 300 hectares and is surrounded by parks, gardens, and natural bushland. It provides a harmonious blend of old and new buildings, with modern facilities and technology, and traditional architecture. Notable features include:

  1. Library: UWA has a large and modern library that provides students and staff with access to a wide range of academic resources and technology.
  2. Student services: The campus offers a range of student services, including health and counseling services, career services, and student clubs and societies.
  3. Sporting facilities: The campus has a range of sporting facilities, including gymnasiums, swimming pools, and sports fields.
  4. Accommodation: The campus offers a variety of accommodation options for students, including on-campus residences and off-campus apartments.
  5. Arts and culture: The campus is home to several cultural institutions, including the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, which showcases contemporary and historical art from Western Australia.

Overall, the main campus of UWA provides a vibrant and dynamic environment for students, faculty, and staff. UWA has excellent facilities and services to support academic and personal growth.

Oxford Referencing UWA

The University of Western Australia uses the Oxford referencing style, which is a widely used referencing style in the academic community. The Oxford referencing style is a variant of the Harvard referencing style, and is used in many universities and academic institutions around the world.

In the Oxford style, citations are included in the text of a document, and a reference list is provided at the end of the document. The reference list includes full details of all sources cited in the text, including author, title, publication date, and publication details.


Here is an example of how a book reference might be formatted in the Oxford referencing style at UWA.

Author's last name, Initials. (Year of publication). Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher.

Smith, J. (2010). The History of Western Australia. Perth: UWA Publishing.

Journal article

Author's last name, Initials. (Year of publication). "Title of article." Title of Journal volume number (issue number): page numbers.

Brown, T. (2015). "The impact of climate change on agriculture in Western Australia." Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Science 14(3): 123-130.

Online article

Author's last name, Initials. (Year of publication). "Title of article." Website name. URL. (Accessed date).

Johnson, M. (2019). "The future of renewable energy in Australia." Renewable Energy Today. (Accessed January 10, 2020).

Conference paper

Author's last name, Initials. (Year of publication). "Title of paper." In: Editor's initials and last name (Ed.), Title of conference proceedings. Place of conference: Publisher.

Wang, X. (2017). "The role of technology in education." In: J. Smith (Ed.), Proceedings of the World Conference on Technology in Education. Perth: UWA Press.