Webometrics publishes web rankings of Australian universities as part of their world rankings.

Universities are ranked by:

  • the volume of material they post on the internet and
  • the number of external links to that material.

Webometrics 2015 Rankings for Australia

Rankings Value to Students

According to Webometrics, the purpose of the rankings is to promote global access to academic knowledge produced by universities.

While encouraging open access to research knowledge is a good thing, the rankings have limited relevance to study choices.

  • The rankings objectively measure web presence.
  • But how relevant is this for education quality?

A large web presence is a combination of university size, research focus and commitment to web publishing. Increasing any of these is not a obvious path to improving teaching services. There are also better measures of university reputation / prestige, including the QS, Times and Shanghai ARWU university rankings.

Webometrics Ranking Method

The ranking formula has 4 components:

  1. Impact (50%): Number of links to the university's website
  2. Presence (17%): Number of web pages published by the university
  3. Openness (17%): Number of academic publications on the internet
  4. Excellence (17%): Number of academic publications on the internet that are cited often.